Crop data intelligence

If you are not combining and analysing data collected in your paddocks, you are missing opportunities to quantify the benefits of investing in expensive machinery and sensors. 

Our experts can free you up from this laborious task by taking over the analytics of your data. We combine different information layers (yield, NDRE, NDVI, soil sampling, terrain elevation) and extract insights for the subsequent seasons.

We can also combine planned versus executed machinery track data to answer questions such as “am I saving fuel?” or “is my CTF strategy working?” or even “are my contractors following pre-planned AB lines?”. Data will enable you to take informed decisions.


  • Gain better understanding of your precision agriculture implementation and quantify its benefits
  • Combine yield data from harvesters with soil properties sampling, soil moisture, weekly crop health assessments and terrain elevation layers to derive insights for the subsequent seasons
  • Compare data from your auto steering machinery and evaluate efficiency of your farming traffic
  • Georeferenced data layers allow for repeatable comparisons in-crop and between different seasons
  • No need to worry about data extraction, transformation and storage. Farm Doctors' experts will do that for you

Data layer management and analytics: quantifying precision agriculture results​

Comparison between planned (yellow) and executed (purple) machinery traffic​