We love working together with farmers that actively invest in automation, auto steering machinery and monitoring for all stages in a crop lifecycle.
Our Mission

Farm Doctors is a precision agriculture company that delivers paddock operations support, crop health monitoring, positioning and data analytics products and services, aiming at causing a positive impact in the global food system by creating a continuous improvement cycle based on better use of land and data intelligence.

What Set Us Apart?

We think Farm Doctors is different because we truly value software aided operations planning (as an efficient way to explore different scenarios and save resources), positioning accuracy, the right balance between high-resolution and high-frequency crop assessment, and the exceptional power of combining different layers of information to support informed decisions.

Our Origins

Farm Doctors is part of Mangoesmapping Holdings, leveraging more than 80 years of collective geospatial and remote sensing expertise in Australia. Our founder, Alistair Hart, is one of the most active members of the Far North Queensland geospatial and remote sensing community. He also co-developed Australia’s first GIS-based outbreak management system to control dengue fever, a mosquito borne disease. At the core of his professional life exists a true motivation of delivering a sustainable future for everyone.

Case Study


Forming Precise Beds for Strawberries with the Emlid Reach RS2

Authorised Reseller in Australia

Precise coordinates over Bluetooth/Wi-Fi to your tractor navigation app. Compatible with the RS232 interface, for quick and easy connectivity with auto steering systems. 

Apply pesticides and herbicides only where they are needed. Avoid soil compaction and cross-contamination. Up to 3 Km control range and 6 hectares covered per hour. Are you ready for the future?

Our Services

Crop health assessment
Farm Doctors uses cutting-edge remote sensing methodologies (such as NDVI, NDRE and thermal analysis) to quickly pinpoint where you should focus your attention. We employ airborne sensors, minimising soil compaction and disease spreading risks in your paddocks.
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Crop uniformity report
Farm Doctors trust in aerial imagery as the best method for crop uniformity investigation. From the sky we can identify replanting opportunities (before it is too late to sow again), count how many trees are growing, estimate plant biomass and check the average plant height at different paddock sections. This helps you monitoring the profit potential of your crops.
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Crop data intelligence
If you are not combining and analysing data collected in your paddocks, you are missing opportunities to quantify the benefits of investing in expensive machinery and sensors. Our experts can free you up from this laborious task by taking over the analytics of your data. We combine different information layers (yield, NDRE, NDVI, soil sampling, terrain elevation) and extract insights for the subsequent seasons.
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Weed detection
Weeds are a practical problem for most crops. The increased competition for soil nutrients and physical space lead to additional stress over the main crop. It is even worse when the infestation grows away from the farmer’s eye. Put our intelligent computers to do the hard work of locating weeds for you.
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Property mapping
Get an updated bird’s-eye view of your properties, and use it for high-level paddock planning, asset mapping and Freshcare program accreditation and compliance.
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By using aerial imagery or ground data collected by your own tractors, Farm Doctors will create 3D topographic models of your land, providing you with the foundation for better farming decisions and improved yield.
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RTK GNSS networks
Farm Doctors offers solid GNSS services and products to help you building your own RTK network. We can also provide on demand RTK networks, where you need them, when you need them.
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The right solution package for any crop, at any stage