Paddock operations

We truly believe in the benefits that automation can bring to your farming operation, reducing soil compaction, machinery manoeuvre time, overlapping, number of passes and operator fatigue. 

Farm Doctors uses AgroCAD, an innovative precision agriculture software, to study and extract optimised AB lines and adaptive curves for your auto steering machinery. Through comprehensive workflows, we can plan every step of your paddock operations by:

  • Modelling the topology of your land, based on ground or aerial survey
  • Identifying areas in which tractors and implements cannot operate, due to excessive slope
  • Detecting major obstacles around the paddocks, such as trees, buildings, fences, roads and developing crops, defining exclusion zones where no machinery traffic will be allowed
  • Considering areas where traffic is allowed, but no soil operation should be carried out
  • Proposing internal paddock boundaries based on existing fences, roads, water streams or other obstacles
  • Designing the best possible set of AB lines or adaptive curves for each paddock, considering crop stage (pre-sowing, sowing and harvest), auto steering system input format, implement specification (row separation), and different reference options (contours lines, fences, existing terraces, critical water drainage paths or other references)
  • Planning headlands (turnrows) areas within and around paddocks
  • Building variable rate spraying maps based on laboratory prescriptions
  • Splitting designed tracks between different sectors, allowing multiple tractors to cover different paddock regions simultaneously, while maintaining same operation standards
  • Mapping critical operation continuity spots across your paddocks (machinery refuelling and checkup, chemical refilling etc.)

We specialise in sugarcane operation design, but our systems can be easily adapted to grain crops, such as soybeans, rice and maize. Furthermore, our projects are easily exported to all major auto steering systems (John Deere, Case IH, New Holland, Valtra, Topcon and Trimble) or as generic shapefiles.


  • Save time and money by allowing us to explore different scenarios of AB lines and adaptive curves, identifying the one that is optimised for your land profile, crop and available implements
  • By eliminating overlap, optimised AB lines and adaptive curves ensure the maximum number of rows and beds are formed per paddock
  • Simplify the process of redesigning your paddocks and access corridors
  • Improve management of Controlled Traffic Farming (CTF) and reduce unnecessary traffic
  • Scale your productivity up by enabling repeatable and complex field operations with multiple tractors and reduced light conditions
  • Compare planned versus executed auto steering scenarios, and understand how it impacted your operations in terms of soil compaction, fuel consumption and labour hours
  • Reduce operator fatigue and safety risks

We use and recommend

Complex sowing design, with exclusion zones and internal headlands

Equivalent harvest design, considering two different operation zones (blue and red lines) across available paddocks

Optimised adaptive curves for spraying, including planned refilling spots

Overlapping validation based on implement width

Variable rate application map, based on laboratory prescription

High waterlogging probability area identification (blue dots)